Digital mushrooms
are ripening
in search of new identities
Waiting for new spores and projects ...
projects close to us
Community building experiment on earth. Location for events
Sociocracy, tokenomics and permaculture
Lake Ladoga
Retreat center
Location for children's camps
Ecostream Metaversity

Economics, ecology, sociotechnics, and the culture of living together

Connecting people to foster mutual support and collaboration in the process of anticipating, observing, and experiencing societal disruption and collapse

  • Animation
  • Music and lyrics
  • Game design
  • Community

Reflection on foundations, deep ecology, exploration and cultural transformation

    CFO of an energy holding with experience in volunteer work in eco-social projects. Knows how to count and plan, but dreams of growing own food, learning herbalism and walking more in the forest.
  • Grigory Chernenkov
    Developer. Geographer. Ecologist. Head of the technical team at the University 2035 of the NTI ecosystem. Plans to plant trees, dig ponds and roam the mountains.
Meetings with like-minded people, in the organization of which we took part
Oct. 30 - 4 Nov. 2023
A multi-local non-commercial event that combines offline and online processes.
12-19 of October 2022
Connecting broken hearts. We will share our grief, fear, anger, love, joy, compassion and trust that we have in times of collapsing unsustainable civilization.
September 4th 2022

Meet with shamanesses who bear the traditions of North and South America

21-27 of October 2021
Few days before the COP26 we gathered in different places around the globe. Six local gatherings were assembled in Russia, Montenegro, Germany, in the USA, on the Isle of Man and many people joined online events.
27 June and 4 July 2021
Industrial civilization plunges headlong into the unknown. Global crises, exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, are unfolding and escalating, fundamentally changing the way we feel, think and act.
March 6-10th 2020
Post-apocalyptic hopelessness and hope
December 2019
The first of a series of exhibitions of the project "Climate. Education. Youth", dedicated to the natural and social consequences of climate change and how local communities adapt to them.
July 11-14 2019
Kaluga region at the art camp Potok
  • Technopractices
  • Communication with Another
  • Music
  • Performances and installations
  • Lectures and discussions
  • Workshops
In March 2019
in the Arkhangelsk region, in a beautiful dying and reviving village, an art laboratory "We are here: like-minded people in the wasteland" was held, to which 40 artists.
August 2-5 2018
Kaluga region at the Potok festival
  • Body practices
  • Lecture hall
  • Technoshamanism