my heart is calm and full of peace

by jingly coolness of the streams

dawn colors imbue panorama

on horizon of distant peaks


Our team now consists of adout duzen people with different stories and experiences.

Some of us have been together for a long time and have gone through a lot. Some met for the first time, but we are united by a common network of contacts and cross-projects in education, ecology, enlightenment, and art. The initial attraction that led us to Montenegro was the school and kindergarten launched in 2022 on the Adriatic coast in Bar.

In search of a summer residence, we ended up north of Montenegro. In a 30-minute drive from the railway station of Mojkovac, we met the place that inspired and made us want to try to land here.

The decision to acquire a common land is an attempt to turn our common dreams into reality.

Below, you will learn more about the project and what we want to do.

Who knows, maybe you will also feel the summoning of this wild kind of place, so there will be more of us.


To become part of the Mountain Land and its keepers.

Our aspiration - to create a place of experiment to find answers to the challenges of our time, guided by the approach of nature-friendliness in our practices and solutions, based on the declared project values:


We explore and learn through the world around us. Observation is our key to development


We care for and protect nature, supporting its biodiversity

We strive for practices to heal and revive the lost
We learn to trust each other and negotiate through self-reliance methods
We are trying to grow our own food and establish an internal exchange of resources
We weave. Our presence and activities are careful and considerate

Keeping the priority of nature, organically weaving into slopes of the Mountain Land, we will create an infrastructure for presence and creation. Inviting guests of all ages to participate and seek answers through connection with the environment and the courage to try and experiment.


We dream a lot. There is no way to keep all this beauty in one head, and even more so - to realize it alone. Our values ​​are revealed through practical experiences and activities. When we come together, we become a living ecosystem where the elements complement and support each other.

On the hill, at the entrance to Mountain Land, you will find the main house with hot water and electricity. You can find a shower room with a toilet and a kitchen with a living room there. There are also several bedrooms and a music room. Guests and participants can set up tents around the house. It is better to bring your equipment, but it can also be rented with us. Nearby is a wild children's space with a tree house and a stream. Several campfire places where you can gather in the evenings are strewn across the territory. Beyond the third stream in the farthest clearing is a nature camp for retreats and meditations. Our neighbors have goats, cows, milk, cheese, and other local products. On the territory and around you can walk for a long time and enjoy the beauty. At different times of the year, there are strawberries, wild strawberries, other berries, and mushrooms.
We are currently in the process of acquiring land, and to complete the purchase as a collective, we need to pay the remaining cost. The project is already underway, and we are building a team and are increasingly fascinated by this place. We are moving forward.
  • The first visit to the plot and acquaintance with it
  • Preparation for the new season
  • The third payment for the land
  • Development and improvement of the place
  • Events of the new summer season
  • The last payment for land and future story starts...
We welcome guests and new participants.
You can join the project in the role that responds to you now:
  • Guest

    come, relax and have a great time

  • Volunteer

    help the project on the site or online


    joint ownership, participation in realization

You can become a co-founder by agreeing to the conditions of participation and investing a minimum of 3,000 euros

Or you can support Mountain Land by contributing any amount through card, PayPal, or Google Pay via our donation page
Connect with us

It isn't easy to convey the spirit of this place through the digital space.

The best way to understand Mountain Land is to come and experience it yourself.

You can leave us your contact details, and we will contact you as soon as possible

    Ecologist, head of the Compass kindergarten in Bar. Studying to be a neuropsychologist. For many years she coordinated international programs on ecology and communities. On the Mountain Land she dreams of growing gardens and making an apiary.
    Ph. D. in Social Philosophy, facilitation coordinator in Deep Adaptation Forum, member of the Union of Ecovillages and Ecoinitiatives, author of the books "Pilgrim" and "The Man Who Aheaded Time", head of the Compass School-Garden in Bar.
    CFO of an energy holding with experience in volunteer work in eco-social projects. Knows how to count and plan, but dreams of growing own food, learning herbalism and walking more in the forest.
  • Anton Starchenkov
    Advertising agency development director. Organizer of festivals and events ART-POTOK and POTOK INSIDE. Lecturer in advertising theory. Explores methods of horizontal management and focusing of attention.
  • Igor Trapeznikov

    Researcher, neurophysiologist, biohacker, crypto enthusiast. Holder and ideological inspirer of the tokenomic model of the project. Loves to make and give new life to broken things and equipment.
  • Tatyana Shults
    Children psychologist, psychotherapist, author of children's educational programs and camps. Psychologist of the Compass School-Garden. Wants to create an environment for the harmonious maturation and development of people for the future.
  • Ivan Chinyonny
    Technological engineer, musician. Designs and maintains autonomous and sustainable infrastructures in remote areas, implements eco-technologies. Dreams of creating an eco-sustainable model of life on Earth.
  • Grigory Chernenkov
    Developer. Geographer. Ecologist. Head of the technical team at the University 2035 of the NTI ecosystem. Plans to plant trees, dig ponds and roam the mountains.
    A biologist. Trained in sociocracy and person-centered approach. Metaversity EcoStream Navigator. Explores horizontal self-management in projects on the ground. Dreams of opening a tea house and supporting waste separation at the location.
  • Višnja Kisić
    Culturologist, educator, heritage and memory scholar, activist when needed. Ecologist by heart and life practice. Caretaker at the Forest University, Fruška Gora. Inspired by tricky questions, fungal wisdom and those who live otherwise. Dreams of sistering the Mountain Land.
  • Goran Tomka
    Professor of eco-culturology working at the intersection of culture, philosophy and economics. Caretaker at the Forest University, Fruška Gora. Interested in trespassing existential territories and living away from packages. Lives to become kind to the spirits and indigenous to a land.
    Psychologist, sociologist, permaculture gardener, and design thinker. Founder of BlueO2. Regenerative entrepreneur designer of future-proof and nature-based solutions. Believe that people and the planet come before profit.

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