Sacred water
Meet with shamanesses who bear the traditions of North and South America
September 4th | Sunday

9.00 – 12.00 | Сeremony
12.30 –13.30 | Open talks
Amstelpark, Amsterdam
Art gallery zone2source
September 6th | Tuesday
Power walk through Amsterdam
What's the matter?
We are looking for the possibilities to build bridges among the people of one unity. Spreaded over the globe we are all a part of one web of life. Being city-folk accustomed to the feeling of stability in the world, living in beautiful cities, we are losing sight of what is happening "behind the scene". It's hard to keep in mind where materials for our daily used gadgets and machines come from and even harder to understand the actual price of natural resources for the blessings of civilization. That's why we are arranging this event and calling you to come over to the back of the city decorations and hear the voices of our planet with the help of shamanesses.
Voices of the Earth
At the beginning of this autumn three shamanesses who are guided by the spirit of Mother Earth travel to the Netherlands. These spiritual women come here to be heard. They intend to deliver the message about the extinction of indigenous peoples and call for protecting rivers, mountains, and their lands, which are suffering from the extraction of resources. By taking this opportunity we propose an open intercultural dialogue around water and ancestral worldviews of the Americas.
Cheryl Angel
Cheryl Angel is an indigenous leader, wise (Sioux) Lakota elder woman, mother of five children, and lifelong devoted water protector. Her voice among the water protectors is one of integrating deep prayer with nonviolent direct action. A spiritual activist from the Sicangu (Rosebud) tribe – one of the seven tribes that conform to the Lakota/Nakota/Dakota People in the Great Plains of North America.
Mariana Aravales Yaku Warmi
Mariana Alavares began her journey as a healer (curandera) by studying plants, creating the first spiritual system of Andean and Amazonian flowers through mystical waters and knowledge-carrying flowers. The energetic emanation of sacred flowers is a subtle and transpersonal form of mother medicine that is available to all people and maintains the spiritual foundations of healing within the Andean-Amazonian worldview.
Shirley Djukurnã Krenak
Shirley Djukurnã is an indigenous activist who belongs to the Krenak indigenous people in the east of the state of Minas Gerais. She held the position of secretary of the Conselho dos Povos Indigenas de Minas Gerais (The Council of Indigenous People of Minas Gerais). Today she is a spiritual leader of her country, writer, and lecturer.
Water is Life
"The biggest dream is to have a planetary network of water protectors who perform such Sacred Activism and spread the word about what is happening in this field. It could be a place where we can share the existing knowledge and where those in need can find qualified advice and tools on how to act in their region. The place where you can ask for protection and support when necessary.

We don't want it to be just a "shamanic event" – you don't need to be a shaman to protect nature. Some true anonymous heroes do a lot each day. We need empathy and common sense to realize that it is urgent. We should support and motivate each other to save what is vital for the whole planet."

Mariana Aravales Yaku Warmi

Sunday, September 4th
09:00 – 12:00 Ceremony of joining the Waters
12:30 – 13:30 Open talks

Until 17:00 - Our Living Soil exhibition
Tuesday, September 6th
Power Walk (manifestation) through Amsterdam city
13:00 - 15:00

Continuation of open talks until 16:00
The ceremony for the union of Waters
The ceremony is a prayer of high contact with the great spirit and all creation. It is a moment of deep dialogue with the sacred element, which is a symbol of Life. Our Sacred Activism proposes to sow love and respect for water and be in an attitude of care and defense of it.

We kindly ask you to bring a bouquet, some blue and white candles, and a bottle of spring water you collected but not bought. The main thing is a lot of awareness to be able to open your heart.

The ceremony lasts 3 hours. If you feel the need to leave the process you can do it any time.
Who do we expect?
Eco-activists and ambassadors of foundations and NPOs for future collaboration and strengthening of action
Representatives of the extractive industries who are open to dialogue and looking for a new approach to land management
Ecovillages and green projects willing to share their knowledge of sustainable interaction with land.
Any human who is worried about what is happening to the ecology of our planet and looking for support.
Catch the Spirit
We will start early in the morning with a special ceremony for the union of Waters. After that we have space for open talks on the relevant topic: care and defense of waters and lands of indigenous people. After the program you are welcome to explore the exhibition Our Living Soil at the venue of the meeting.

Please, fill out the registration form if you plan to join us. It will help us to prepare better for the event and send you updates, if any.
Who we are and our partners
We are open to collaboration. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a partner.